TTS Minutes: Goals, Roles, Initiatives


  • Communicate effectively to change people’s attitudes to become more aware of issues.
  • Have students act on their increased awareness.
  • Work with others  (PYP group, Reef Keepers, SGA, Administration etc.)to address canteen solid waste issues.
  • Consider a new “high score” on the graph. Try to recycling number of materials higher than in the past. Look at consumption and recycling together.
  • Analysis of paper, ink etc. consumption vs. recycling
  • Look to further initiatives to create sustainable ways of educating the OSC community on how to recycle, the importance of recycling as well as reducing waste.
  • Create a Train To Sustain: R&S facebook page
  • Educate staff and faculty on what process the school uses/may use to dispose of recyclable material the correct way

Student Leadership Roles:

  • Advertiser/Promoter and Head of Communications: Ary (Me)
  • Chief Organizer & Designer: Sangmin
  • Treasurer & Sales Analyst : Aashika

Current Initiatives:

  • Create a TTS Logo
  • Design a poster for the outside of the R&S room

Plan for September 15

Two groups collecting paper (Aashika and Ary)

One group fixing boxes that will be delivered (Sangmin)

Everyone works to get boxes. Check with Kularatne

Mr. Lockwood will organize a truck

Today Sales (15 September 2016)

Cardboard- Rs. 170 (17 KG for Rs.10/kg)

Paper-  Rs. 200 (40 kg for Rs. 5/kg)

Total- Rs. 370/-

Plan for September 22

Mr. Lockwood is away

All boxes delivered to classrooms

Article written by Ary

We won’t do a Managebac reflection session yet.

IDEA: We need to design a poster for the outside of the R&S room

Things to get done:

-Newsletter Article

-Begin design of poster for the outside of the R&S room

-Pictures: All Service Leaders + with service group (preferably in front of recycling room)

-Remind Ary inform us on the ideas that he has.

27 September Meeting with Reef Keepers and SGA

Transition to washables to happen in Semester II

28 September Aryaman

Talked about the name and make adjustments to it.


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