DP2 CAS Goals

“Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.”

— Helen Keller

DP 2 has started and I think this quote sets the tone for my final year of highschool. We are all students at that point in our lives where we may not know who we really are. There’s so much more of us to explore and so many more experiences that we need to have. In about a year’s time, we will be placed into a new world, so I hope that by strengthening my ongoing CAS pursuits and throwing myself into new ones will give me that preparation I need. To know more about myself. To have success in mind, but done through the character-building process of Community, Activity and Service.

Almost a year ago, DP 1 had commenced, and I began with my own quote:


At the moment we are all students. We have potential. We have our lives ahead of us. We have our own prospective biographies to be made with merely the prologue completed and chapter and chapters of blank pages yet to fill.

Though I am still a student, the last year has allowed me to discover my potential. My strengths and weaknesses. My goals and dreams, and though my life is still ahead of me, I have added many more pages to that prospective biography, one which I plan to add far more to this year.

If I successfully do this, then you truly will know who I am. And who knows? Maybe one day you actually will find a picture of me with my own quote beside it.

.               .               .

DP2 CAS goals include:

C – Creativity:

  1. To play a major role as theatrical producer within Senior Production as a director, designer, creator and performer for the musical/play, “Blood Brothers.”
  2. To continue to be the activity leader and coordinator of the Community Rugby community and activity.
  3. To initiate and complete my CAS Project on the providing a sustainable means to collect electronic-waste in The Overseas School of Colombo.

A – Activity:

  1. To play and participate in SAISA Boys Volleyball as a member of the traveling tournament team. Furthering this goal would be to become MVP in our Gecko Athletics team.
  2. To play and participate in SAISA Boys Football as a member of the traveling tournament team. Furthering this goal would be to become captain of the Gecko Athletics team.
  3. To play and participate in SAISA Boys Track & Field as a member of the traveling tournament team. Furthering this goal would be to receive 2 or more gold medals in my events and increasing our team’s score.
  4. To participate in the ‘Home Run‘ sponsored by Habitat and Housing to contribute to sustainable housing in Sri Lanka by running the 5 kilometer and donating money.

S – Service:

  1. To continue to be a successful leader for the service Train To Sustain and expand upon my role as Promoter and Advertiser of the group.
  2. To train members of our service to investigate potential solutions for reducing the ecological footprint in school, and to train the school community (students, faculty, support staff & parents) on how they may do their part to aid our service, their school and Sri Lanka itself.
  3. To continue the paper and cardboard collections carried out at school as well as expand to plastic collection by collaborating with the Viridis Pvt. Ltd. corporation.
  4. To implement a collection and recycling method for electronic waste (eWaste)
  5. Begin a bio-waste decomposition system within the school environment
  6. Researching and investing in a bio-digester (biogas digester) for our school campus
  7. To collaborate with the Reef Keepers service to reduce the paper, cardboard and plastic consumption in the canteen.
  8. To educate the lower grades on upcoming subject material and teach them new challenging mathematic concepts.

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